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  1. All services which have been listed on are operated by Legal Bees Limited, registered office Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX herein referred to as “We” or “Us”. We are registered in England under company number 11278625.
  2. We provide a service in order to offer users a way of obtaining guidance on find a suitable Legal Professional in respect of their legal issue. The use of our service is to create a relationship between a Legal Professional and user as this must occur outside the use of our service: if the user instructs the Legal Professional to act on their behalf. We do not provide users of our service with any legal advice. Our service is free of charge to the user. The legal fees may be incurred by the Legal Professional and hereby releases us from the responsibility of those legal fees.
  3. If a user has chosen to enter into a contract with one of our Legal Professionals we are (i) not a party to the contract (ii) do not accept liability or responsibility for any work or advice which you have received from our Legal Professionals on our platform. We aim to assist you in finding an appropriate Legal Professional who can deal with your matter and you are under no obligation to instruct any of our Legal Professionals.
  4. By using this service, the User agrees that the information received through their enquiry may be passed onto the relevant Legal Professional on our panel. We ask users of our service to avoid using information which could be described as privileged or specific to the user’s issue when making an online enquiry through our service. This includes but is not limited to, names of persons or business involved and facts which could identify the parties involved in the legal matter. Such information should only be provided to the Legal Professional who the user as agreed to instruct.
  5. The user agrees that by completing the enquiry form they have allowed their name and contact information (either email or telephone number) to be passed on to the relevant legal professional on our panel. The user of our service also accepts that we are not responsible for any legal advice which is provided by the Legal Professional and we have the right to seek and obtain the case status and fee information from the Legal Professional.
  6. The Legal Professional bears sole responsibility for checking for conflicts of interest between the user and other clients of the Legal Professional. Such Conflict checks may require the user to provide their name and contact information and the identity of any affiliated entities, opposing individuals and entities, and such other information as a Legal Professional may require. We therefore do not involve ourselves in such matters and are only responsible for referring the user to a legal professional on our panel.
  7. If any User submitting and enquiry form receives an offer from a Legal Professional and in return the user then chooses to instruct that Legal Professional, the Legal Professional will pay us a referral fee. The Legal Professional will pay us a referral fee which varies from 10 – 20% of the legal fee (excluding disbursements and VAT) depending on the area of Law and the nature of the case referred. The fee will not however be charged the client.
  8. We will comply at all times with the SRA Code of Conduct 2011 as published and amended by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“the Code”) and in particular with the provisions of Chapter 9 of the Code.
  9. If any User is not happy with the service provided by Legal Bees , we ask that the User should make their complaint to us;


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